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GT Science and Software Director Gemma Tickle has over 30 years experience of mathematical model and software development in the area of major hazards risk assessment. She joined David Webber's fluid modelling section at the Safety and Reliability Directorate (SRD) of UKAEA in 1989 to help on the development of a new gas dispersion model called DRIFT.

Prior to joining SRD, Gemma's software development experience came from simulating glueballs in SU(2) lattice gauge theory. This involved a fair bit of Fortran programming on a Cray supercomputer. At SRD the emphasis was on developing for the PC - initially in Fortran, then C and then C++, object oriented design and Windows programming.

Gemma's time is currently split between working part-time at ESR Technology (formerly the Engineering, Safety and Risk business of AEA Technology) and establishing her own business under GT Science and Software Ltd.

The work areas of GT Science and Software reflect Gemma's interests in mathematical modelling and software development. Click on the links below to see a detailed listing of her experience in these areas: