GT Science & Software

Mathematical Modelling

GT Science and Software offers mathematical modelling capabilities arising from many years of experience of developing state-of-the art source term and dispersion models for use in major hazards risk assessment. Gemma Tickle has extensive experience of source terms and dispersion model development whilst employed at ESR Technology. She has worked on development of the following models:

  • GASP (liquid pool spread and vaporisation)
  • DRIFT (gas dispersion)
  • STAWaRS (water reactive liquid pool spread and vaporisation)
  • TDMA model (Titanium Tetrachloride pool spread and vaporisation)
  • EJECT (momentum jet dispersion model)

Graham also has experience from working on collaborative EC research and development projects.

Scientific Review

Independent scientific assessment and review of major hazard consequence models following EC Model Evaluation Group (MEG) protocols. Assessment of model underlying strengths and weaknesses based on the governing physics and the approximations made by the model. Comparison with similar models reported in openly published literature, recommendations for possible improvements.

Model Development

Development of new scientific models and enhancement of existing models to meet specific needs. Specification of scientific basis and mathematical model description in a format suitable for specifying requirements for software development.

Model Verification and Validation

Validation of major hazard consequence models following EC MEG protocols. Verification of mathematical models, e.g. by comparison with analytic solutions in simplified conditions, or comparisons against independently coded models. Validation by comparison against field scale and laboratory scale experimental data. Use of statistical measures for comparison.