GT Science & Software

Software Development Experience

GT Science and Software Director Gemma Tickle has over 30 years experience in scientific software development. Her original experience was developing software for mainframe and supercomputers. Development over the past 25 years or so has been predominantly on PCs using C++.

Experience includes development using the following:

The majority of development work has been using standard C++
Graphical User Interfaces
Using Qt 5, Qt 6, WPF or MFC
COM Interfaces
Mainly to provide access to models via Excel VBA
Mainly legacy code in Fortran 77
Boost C++, Qt, Qwt for charts, Netlib for numerical libraries
Software QA
Working to TickIT standards. QA plans, customer requirements, configuration control, object oriented design, coding standards, unit testing, acceptance testing, user documentation, bug tracking.
Development Tools
Visual Studio, Intel Fortran, StarUML, Doxygen, TortoiseSVN, Bugzilla.